The Pet Poo Pros, LLC

About Us

We are a local family owned and operated business located in Willmar, MN and serving all of Kandiyohi County and the surrounding areas.

We are highly experienced in this line of work being owners of 3 dogs.  We are our own best customers!   

We fell upon the idea of this business during a busy time of our lives when our dog, Fluffy had 6 puppies and when we started with potty training- there was a lot of poo to clean up. I was so busy with my full time job and feeding them and, of course, playing with them that I tried looking into a business that could come and help me clean up all the poo.  When I realized there was nobody in the Willmar area, it made me realize that this could be a good business opportunity besides a excellent service to those in this community.  Our companies mission is to find opportunities in our community to provide a win-win situation that can greatly help those that reside in the Willmar area, and provide us with a great business.

Along with that service, we understand how difficult it can be to take vacations and short weekend trips and have to leave your dog at a vet or kennel, not knowing how much attention they will get or if they could catch anything from the other animals there.  We then decided to also add pet sitting to our list of services.  We know that our own dogs are much more relaxed and comfortable in our own home when we take trips, and can proudly say that we have never had to leave them with any kennel for the 7 years we have been dog owners.  I have always hired friends/family that I know will give my dogs the level of attention and love that they would get from me.  I am taking this experience and understanding to your home to provide that same level of care you your pets as I provide and like provided from others to my own pets. 

Some Pictures of those who have given us the most experience!

Our 7 year old Lhasa Poo, Ernie

Our dog Butch, when he was a puppy.  We gave him to a family when he was 10 weeks old and then ended up adopting him back when he was 5 months old. 

Janis (Owner) with 2 dogs, Ernie and Fluffy (before puppies were born)

Fluffy the day she had 6 puppies

Sally, one of Fluffy's puppies we chose to keep from the litter

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